Dubai: Public Transportation Information Available on Google Maps

The progressive skill used by the RTA to lift the ability of facilities rendered to public transport users plays a serious role in describing the shape of the public transport network in Dubai, further assimilating mass transit systems.

Amongst the main technologies which the RTA is hopeful public transport travelers to use is the public transport network on Google Maps, which is made accessible for users around the clock, so that inhabitants and companions of Dubai can plan their daily travels through the RTA journey planner (Wojhati), as per the contract made between the RTA and Google.

CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, Abdullah Al Madani said, “Following its launch on September 9 2011” the metro green line has been uploaded onto Google Maps to allow users to plan in advance their daily travels on all RTA public transport means, thus allowing charming, quick and precise movement to the planned destinations.

“This facility allows users of many kinds of public transport in Dubai to plan their everyday voyages in a charming and cool way at any time they wish through the Google Maps portal by using their computers or smartphones”.

“The ways of the planned drive will then be showed with full details, schedules and the charge of each trip depending on the opinion of source, destination and judgment of the journey. This facility allows inhabitants and companies similar to query about the agendas and ways of dissimilar trips and have them showed in a 3D mode, thus rendering Dubai a foremost global city using this technology among top cities with progressive transport systems worldwide, and at the same time characterizing the RTA vision of providing safe and charming transport for all”