Dubai International Airport Shopping

Dubai has developed to an internationally important city. Duty Free at Dubai Airport is available at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. And it’s understood that business grow from US$20 million in 1984 to US$1.1 billion in 2008. This rise in trades at Dubai Airport Duty Free has seen the retail space grow from 7,000 square meters to 15,000 square meters with the inauguration of the new Emirates Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport in October 2008.

In any occasion that you are visiting Dubai or you acquired the chance to drop by the Dubai airport, do not ever miss the chance of taking the advantage to experience Dubai Airport Shopping. Shopping to nearly any site in the world is rare as well as very thrilling. And Dubai Airport Shopping is among of those world spots that each customer will truly find it very thrilling to shop at. At the Dubai airport itself there are lavish as well as very comfortable shopping spots such as the Duty Free wherein shoppers can shop introduced products till they wanted to.

Dubai Airport Shopping is very well famous by its electronics as well as jewelries. All of the latest releases on electronics are here. It consists of the newest in cellular phones, laptops, tablet computers etc. In addition to that, all of the most desired jewelry design is here. Jewelries here are made as well as designed by well-known jewelers across the world. It is the finest option to shop at airport shopping since majority of their products are on sale that is certainly intended for travelers as well as country visitors who wish to have something for their loved ones as they go home.

Airport shopping in Dubai is also outstanding when It comes to estimating, there prices are strangely lesser compared to the goods that are for sale at major UK and US shops. Most of these products that are comparatively inexpensive when it comes to estimating comparison are electronic products such as iPad, iPhone, Laptops, Tablet computers and some other in demand electronic products. Dubai Duty free is open 24 hours a day. The majority of stores are located in the departure area, although there is also a smaller section in arrivals.