New Year Celebration in Dubai


All over the world, people welcome the new year for it is one of the oldest of all holidays.  Most New Year celebrations focus on family and friends.  It is a time to reflect on the past and envision a future, perhaps, in a world where people live together in harmony.

Making some plans to get out of the cold this New Year and celebrating it in an unforgettable way, then Dubai should be on the top of your list. Different offers wait for you once you plan to go to Dubai this New Year’s eve.  Long known as one of the “most exclusive” and “richest” places, Dubai once again has come up with some great glamour parties, great offers and indeed much fun.

There are a lot of hotels that offer grand parties with sumptuous dinner and music. Nightclubs of the city organize different events and call upon well-known DJ’s that make you stay on the dance floor night long. 1001 Arabian Nights generally hosts an Arabic fest with Arabic band and belly dancers.

The Gala dinner offered by the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is something you cannot miss out if in Dubai this New Year’s Eve. There is a broad selection of n exquisite cuisine accompanied with some live entertainment along with some stunning views of the Burj Al Arab and the glittering fireworks display awaiting for you once inside the hotel.

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Dubai Outlet Mall

Dubai Outlet Mall (DOM) is a shopping mall, part of Dubai Outlet City (DOC) in Dubailand. The mall opened in August 2007 and is situated on the Dubai-Al Ain Road (Route 66) near the Dubai Bypass Road interchange, after Dubai Academic City. Developed by Al Ahli Holding Group, Dubai Outlet Mall is the only ‘Value’ concept mall in the Middle East and home to over 1200 of the world’s premium and top fashion brands in 240 stores.

Dubai Outlet Mall is the first and only “Outlet” concept mall in the Middle East and North Africa. Outlet Mall is the vital value shopping destination where you can snap up discounts of between 30% – 90% on the majority of products available in the 240 stores on offer, 365 days of the year. Savvy shoppers can luckily hit the mother seam of quality goods at outlet prices by visiting the Dubai Outlet Mall; the largest retail outlet mall on earth.

One of the most general Gift Vouchers in town is the Dubai Outlet Mall Gift Vouchers because of the added bonus that the value of your gift will go so much additional with all the discounts and offers in the mall. Gift Vouchers can be spending in over 200 contributing top brands name stores at Outlet Mall. Vouchers are accessible in different denominations of AED 25, AED 50, AED 100 and AED 500 and you can buy gift vouchers now from the Customer Service Desk on the first floor near Center Court.

Every Monday is a Half Price Monday at Outlet Mall, where contributing stores highlight merchandise that is discounted 50% OR MORE from the original price, and create a market atmosphere all around the mall. Make sure you don’t miss out and bag the best bargains around on your preferred brands every Monday at Outlet Mall.
Dubai Outlet Mall is the first shopping mall formed and offered a 1-day-every-week promotion of “Half Price Mondays” in UAE.

To take benefit of additional added value offers and discounts for tourists, ask your Hotel Caretaker or Tour Operator to authenticate the Outlet plus Card leaflet and present it at the Dome Customer Service Desk on arrival at Outlet Mall. You will be provided with an Outlet plus Card, valid for one day, and the list of participating stores at Outlet Mall.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas is a special time for everyone and it’s a particularly exciting time for little boys and girls. Here are some great gift ideas; which may bring a smile to your little one’s face.
a. Dairy with lock
A diary with a lock will be a great gift to kids who has started learning to write and read. While selecting the diary, choose the one with good theme. So that kid should love it.
b. Dinosaur plants
Dinosaur plants are the ultimate pot plant for little kids. Dinosaur plants look like dried-up dead plants, yet they convert into a lush ball of greens within hours of being watered. It’s said that dinosaur plants can hibernate for years without water and spring back to life when it rains.
c. Portable DVD Player
Portable DVD players for kids are commonly available. They’re great gifts for girls and boys who want to enjoy their desired live action animation, cartoons, or learning programs anywhere. They’re great for taking with you on holidays and for keeping kids amused during long delays.
d. Sandpit play
Sandpit play sets are fantastic gifts for young kids. Building sand castles and burying treasure needs the right tools and a sand play set can be brought along when going to the beach, park, or friend’s house. Even big kids (adults) will find a spade handy when helping out with sandcastles.
e. Mixed CDs
There’s nothing better than receiving a CD full of all your fave tunes. All you need is a few blank CDs and your kid’s favorite tunes. For your best buds, make a CD that will remind them of a certain party or dance you all went to, or maybe a soundtrack of songs from this past year. For family, throw together a Christmas music gathering that you can listen to on Christmas morning.

Dubai International Airport Shopping

Dubai has developed to an internationally important city. Duty Free at Dubai Airport is available at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. And it’s understood that business grow from US$20 million in 1984 to US$1.1 billion in 2008. This rise in trades at Dubai Airport Duty Free has seen the retail space grow from 7,000 square meters to 15,000 square meters with the inauguration of the new Emirates Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport in October 2008.

In any occasion that you are visiting Dubai or you acquired the chance to drop by the Dubai airport, do not ever miss the chance of taking the advantage to experience Dubai Airport Shopping. Shopping to nearly any site in the world is rare as well as very thrilling. And Dubai Airport Shopping is among of those world spots that each customer will truly find it very thrilling to shop at. At the Dubai airport itself there are lavish as well as very comfortable shopping spots such as the Duty Free wherein shoppers can shop introduced products till they wanted to.

Dubai Airport Shopping is very well famous by its electronics as well as jewelries. All of the latest releases on electronics are here. It consists of the newest in cellular phones, laptops, tablet computers etc. In addition to that, all of the most desired jewelry design is here. Jewelries here are made as well as designed by well-known jewelers across the world. It is the finest option to shop at airport shopping since majority of their products are on sale that is certainly intended for travelers as well as country visitors who wish to have something for their loved ones as they go home.

Airport shopping in Dubai is also outstanding when It comes to estimating, there prices are strangely lesser compared to the goods that are for sale at major UK and US shops. Most of these products that are comparatively inexpensive when it comes to estimating comparison are electronic products such as iPad, iPhone, Laptops, Tablet computers and some other in demand electronic products. Dubai Duty free is open 24 hours a day. The majority of stores are located in the departure area, although there is also a smaller section in arrivals.

Christmas Celebration in Dubai

Dubai is a shopping paradise through the year and during festivals the shopping bug becomes all the more powerful. Christmas is no exception and one has to step into some of the malls and marketplaces to get bombed by desirable festive concessions. Although Dubai is an Islamic state, the high numbers of emigrant workers present in Dubai from all over the world gives it a really westernized and multicultural outlook. Add to that the number of visitors that reach in December to get away from the cool winter and you’d find an honest enough reason to really celebrate Christmas in Dubai.

Though it may not be your typical white Christmas people in Dubai take great pains in making for the favored holiday of the year. From Christmas carols, trees and decorations to even artificial snow, the atmosphere is a truthfully magical one. The shopping malls and department stores really go to town with their decorations and seasonal deals making Christmas time the season to be cheerful.

Attractive events are planned for the visitors and different tasty delicacies attended with Christmas songs is on the list of nearly every hotel of the city. Most of the hotels also offer special Christmas lunch for the foodie lovers. Attractive festive reductions wait for you as you enter the malls for doing some Christmas shopping. Nearly every mall and shopping Centre likes Christmas by showing some of the best collections of the season. Wafi Mall is assuredly not to be missed when in Dubai during the festive season. The celebration is noticeable by a Santa’s grotto, Christmas songs and different discounts.

In fact, a Christmas in Dubai is a great opening to bring home priceless holiday keepsakes for a steal. Visitors can take their pick from the season’s best collections. With the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival scheduled to begin from 5th January, 2012, be rest certain that the shopping scene would be frantically gearing up for the festival and anyone spending Christmas in Dubai would get the full advantage of the show.

Global Village a Cultural Landmark in Dubai

Global Village Dubailand is the world’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project. It is the region’s first best traditional, entertainment, family and shopping destination; celebrating varied cultures, art, theater and cookery from around the world. Every year, it welcomes 6 million visitors over an area of 17,200,000 sq. ft.
The Global Village has seen a great success since it has been launched in 1996 and through the following years, creating a unique tourist destination that is required by visitors from all over the world. According to the statistics, which have shown an outstanding increase in the numbers of visitors and nations contributing with superior sets of pavilions on the place, the village is still by far the most striking magnetism of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). It’s a good experience for the tourist to enjoy, as it provides them numerous of services and facilities.

The Global Village is another main attraction during the DSF 2012 for tourists, who get to travel global legacy and social variety. The Global Village is related with DSF, though it runs longer than DSF. The Global Village is a unique concept of bringing the whole globe under a single roof. As the name designates, Global Village is a true symbol of culture of various countries at a single place. Every country will set up its own rotunda, wherein famous products in their home countries are presented. Apart from product sale, Global Village also provides entertainment events, food stalls, children rides, sports activities and lucky draws on daily basis.

For the past 15 years, Global village has been providing cultural entertainment along with a globally shopping experience to millions of visitors. Wonderful live presentations, mouth-watering cookery from all over the world and reliable art crafts and products from different countries expect your arrival at the many rotundas of Global Village. There are many more attractions, including exciting trips and firecracker displays, to complete your visit.
Where the world comes together, Global Village attempts to offer its visitors with a fun-filled capability with detail to relief. Situated in Dubailand on Emirates Road, the location is easily reachable to all from around the country. Special services include but aren’t limited to shuttle services to and from Global village and the parking area, restaurants, prayer rooms and ATM’s. The guest’s comfort and experience is Global Village’s top importance.
Global Village is a must visit destination and runs in association with the Dubai Shopping Festival, however the village itself is undergoing major redevelopment which does not affect the existing village but will ensure from late 2008 onwards a year round destination that will attract millions of people.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2012

The Dubai Shopping Festival is possibly one of the most famous shopping feasts in the world. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), also known as ‘Layali Dubai’ in Arabic. Was formerly intended in 1996, the occasion attracted more than 300 million people today, is one of the most significant business event in the calendar year. Festival was first announced in February 1996 by the Dubai government as a trade event meant at endorsing trade in Dubai. The 32-day festival will be held from January 5 to February 5, 2012.

The one month extended festival, with the motto ‘One Family, One World, One Festival’, deals visitors some of the main and best brands in the world at lowest prices ever. Dubai has low importation duties and no taxation, and therefore, offers astonishing value to the bargain stalker. Even the major brands extensively available are less expensive in Dubai, than in their country of origin. During DSF, Dubai becomes the most exciting shopping destination in the world.

In addition to the shopping and prizes, hundreds of proceedings expect inhabitants and guests. From global performances, musicals, and shows to game, open-air, and fashion trials, Dubai Shopping Festival provides to every age section.

Dubai is also known as the ‘city of gold’. The city of gold concept was invented during one of the Dubai Shopping Festival consciousness movements, In 1996, Dubai invited everyone from all around the world to a worldwide annual festival which came to be named as the landmark “Dubai Shopping Festival” or DSF, they came up with the novel idea of a global village, a shopping village was considered with all nations contributing with their products and styles in their traditional or national ways, the settler ex pat population and the fly in visitors rejoiced in the celebration that took place and the promise was given that from then on every year Dubai will host a festival for people from all around the world. The years that trailed brought in more visitors more exhibitors and now the phase were set to shape on the standing of friendliness.

Dubai Shopping Festival plays an important role in Dubai’s tourism industry. Apart from the direct influence it has on the tourism industry, Dubai Shopping Festival also donates its share of importance into the nervous system of the emirate. With the rise of the number of visitors to Dubai for Dubai Shopping Festival, lots of possible immigrant talent and asset get to experience the luxury of Dubai.