Christmas Celebration around the World

Christmas marks the festive season which continues till the New Year. Christmas- an anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ celebrated normally on December 25 as a national and sacred holiday for Christian around the world.
Christmas Day celebration-Christmas Day is celebrated as a main festival and public holiday in countries around the world. Christians celebrate Christmas in many ways. The day is one of the most important for the attending of church services. Delicious meal is traditionally an important part of the holiday’s celebration, and the food varies greatly from country to country. Everyone will decorate their home for Christmas. Here are some tips for Christmas Decoration

Here is a brief look at what different countries do differently on Christmas.
a. Dubai

b. Russia

Most associate Christmas with 25th December. However, to this day, the festival is celebrated in many parts of Russia on January 7th, since churches in the country still follow the old Julian calendar for religious festivals.

c. Latvia
Latvia is perhaps the only country where Christmas is celebrated over the course of 12 days, instead of the usual three days in rest of the parts of the world. On each day of Christmas, presents are kept under the tree, which are opened only at the end of the festival. Another tradition which is typical of Latvia is the Christmas feast. Instead of turkey or chicken, it typically consists of brown peas with bacon and sausages.

d. France

Christmas is usually associated with beautiful lights and a whole lot of decorations in shops as well as households. However, in France, the decorations are usually muted. Although there is the Christmas tree in most households, there is not much else apart from a few lights and other pieces of decoration. However, with increasing exposure to US culture around the globe, Christmas decorations in France too are going more elaborate, slowly but gradually.

e. Germany

Apart from the usual Christmas decorations, a feature of Christmas decorations in Germany is the wooden frames with lighted candles surrounded by leaves, which is also called Adventskranz.

f. Hungary

Christmas celebrations in Hungary are almost the same as that in England or the US. However, in Hungary, kids leave their shoes by the main door of the house instead of hanging empty socks by the bedside. These shoes are then filled with presents in red bags by friends and family. An interesting Christmas tradition in Hungary is the golden birch which is placed next to the Christmas tree for kids who do not behave well. It is a fun tradition which is usually done to remind children that they should behave well in order to get gift from Santa.

Christmas Celebration around the World


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