Wafi City Mall Dubai

Wafi City is a city in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The complex comprises a mall, hotel, restaurants, residences, and a nightclub. The “city” is designed after Ancient Egypt. This themed atmosphere contains columns evocative of Karnak, small pyramids, and images of emperors. All the walls are the color of the light brown stone that can be found on all constructions in Ancient Egypt.

The main feature of Wafi City is the mall, called Wafi Mall. Opened in 2001, the mall includes above 200 stores, and has a small 80,000 square meter (861,113 square foot) theme park called Encounter Zone. Wafi Mall is a unique destination in the mood of Dubai awarding a supreme collection of art, food, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle, the best the world and the region has to deal.

Wafi has gained many awards for Best Shopping Mall, Best Restaurant, Best New Hotel, Best Spa and Best Independent Boutique. As you walk through Wafi, take time to appreciate the modern interpretation of the Pharaohs, whose epic splendor is conveyed through exquisite stained glass, intricate mosaics, carvings and sculptures. One doesn’t have to look hard to realize that a passion for art is deeply embedded in Wafi’s foundations.

Regular presentations endorsing the works of artists from the region as well as works by recognized international artists are held at main locations for public gratitude. Art galleries and interior design boutiques showcase artists and designers from around the world. Elements Cafe combines art with refreshments while ideas such as Petals, Memoires and Crystal Temptations could be deliberated as works of art due to their clever and original performances.

Just walking through the entry into the bright and airy interior of Wafi, you’ll feel a sense of comfort and cool. The charming Raffles Botanical Garden enlarges over one hectare and is intended to raise the spirit, depicting the four elements of life, fire, wind, earth and water. A stay at Raffles Dubai offers a sanctuary of under stated, elegant luxury to extend and enhance your enjoyment of the Wafi style of life.


One comment on “Wafi City Mall Dubai

  1. i don’t really like the mall, however the Raffles Hotel in Wafi is the best Hotel I’ve seen in dubai so far.
    great blog btw.


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