Global Village a Cultural Landmark in Dubai

Global Village Dubailand is the world’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project. It is the region’s first best traditional, entertainment, family and shopping destination; celebrating varied cultures, art, theater and cookery from around the world. Every year, it welcomes 6 million visitors over an area of 17,200,000 sq. ft.
The Global Village has seen a great success since it has been launched in 1996 and through the following years, creating a unique tourist destination that is required by visitors from all over the world. According to the statistics, which have shown an outstanding increase in the numbers of visitors and nations contributing with superior sets of pavilions on the place, the village is still by far the most striking magnetism of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). It’s a good experience for the tourist to enjoy, as it provides them numerous of services and facilities.

The Global Village is another main attraction during the DSF 2012 for tourists, who get to travel global legacy and social variety. The Global Village is related with DSF, though it runs longer than DSF. The Global Village is a unique concept of bringing the whole globe under a single roof. As the name designates, Global Village is a true symbol of culture of various countries at a single place. Every country will set up its own rotunda, wherein famous products in their home countries are presented. Apart from product sale, Global Village also provides entertainment events, food stalls, children rides, sports activities and lucky draws on daily basis.

For the past 15 years, Global village has been providing cultural entertainment along with a globally shopping experience to millions of visitors. Wonderful live presentations, mouth-watering cookery from all over the world and reliable art crafts and products from different countries expect your arrival at the many rotundas of Global Village. There are many more attractions, including exciting trips and firecracker displays, to complete your visit.
Where the world comes together, Global Village attempts to offer its visitors with a fun-filled capability with detail to relief. Situated in Dubailand on Emirates Road, the location is easily reachable to all from around the country. Special services include but aren’t limited to shuttle services to and from Global village and the parking area, restaurants, prayer rooms and ATM’s. The guest’s comfort and experience is Global Village’s top importance.
Global Village is a must visit destination and runs in association with the Dubai Shopping Festival, however the village itself is undergoing major redevelopment which does not affect the existing village but will ensure from late 2008 onwards a year round destination that will attract millions of people.


2 comments on “Global Village a Cultural Landmark in Dubai

  1. ahmed says:

    global village is my most favourite theme park in the world!

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